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Mormon Awakenings: 001: The Lone Villager

Guest host Jack Naneek shares with us a podcast episode titled “The Lone Villager”.  This episode seeks for us to not only recognize and validate that there are issues in Mormonism but that there are issues in life.  That we can either put those issues in a backpack and carry this heavy load everywhere putting them on display seeking further validation…. or perhaps we can unpack and inspect the things in that backpack through deep developmental work and come through this life trauma we in this community have named Mormonism arriving at some place of peace and yet still Mormon.  Sit back, take off your shoes, grab a cold glass of juice and see where this takes you………


2 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: 001: The Lone Villager”

  1. Great Podcast, and thoughts.

    I like the part that emphasizes that we are not our thoughts, and that controlling our thoughts with just our mind lacks rigor or tools.

    However, I left thinking about what the proper tools would be for doing so, or just accepting that I don’t need to control my thoughts.

    Which seems to go against the current philosophy that we become what we think, therefore we ought to be careful what we think about.

    Perhaps you will elaborate more on this topic, sounds like you’ve contemplated about this a lot more than I have.

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