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Mormon Awakenings: 005: Being “Supposed to” Driven

Jack Naneek explores the mind, and how it reconciles the “should be” with the “actually is.”  The iron rod, enduring to the end, and life as a test of wills is discussed, but we learn eternal progress trumps all.  So whether you’re an orthodox perfectionist, or a disillusioned malcontent, hopefully you’ll realize in the end that The Master is interested in your transcendence more than your loyalty.  


2 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: 005: Being “Supposed to” Driven”

  1. Found plenty of interesting info, it’s hard to swap out a religion or a wife, not that is directly suggested ihroughout the podcast but the thought did cross my mind.

    Highlight for me was when you mentioned that if you have too much orthodoxy people could relax just a bit, and those who don’t have enough orthodoxy could use more of it. Key is finding the right balance and the right set of ideas.

  2. Who need Bill around when we have Jack Naneek around (no offense Bill). I’m loving the new Mormon Discussion Podcast voices already.

    Great work you all!!

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