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Mormon Awakenings: 009: The Voice(s) In Your Head

Jack Naneek discusses our identity of origin in contrast to the identity we choose. A Prophet and a fatherless convert are compared. Modern Mormonism looks a bit different than maybe we originally thought. In the end, we learn that finding ourselves requires that we lose ourselves first.


6 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: 009: The Voice(s) In Your Head”

  1. What a timely podcast. My sweet, faithful LDS husband just stormed out of the house without morning prayers, less than a half hour ago, because I told him about the LDS church essay on the translation process for the Book of Mormon.

    This podcast will help me be more tender and gentle with his bruised identity when he returns from work today.

    Wow, so very timely for my life. Thank you for posting.

  2. Hi Gale. Thanks for your comment and I’m so happy that it was helpful to you. We’re all just bumbling along here and I’m glad there’s a way for us to share thoughts and experiences across time and boundary!

    1. I like your unique perspective, so thanks for posting. These essays make me look at things in a less linear way.

      Thanks again, Jack.

  3. Thanks for helping us awaken… I’m on the opposite spectrum of Gale, my wife still lives under the Church is True paradigm.

    Being patient can be difficult, but what are the options. The narrative that we currently have isn’t all that bad, but it can be so much better if we are capable of weeding out the negative aspects, but weeding must be done gently otherwise we will hurt others.

  4. Agreed. One cannot rush art, as they say. It is like watching grass grow, and about as organic. Thankfully there’s much after this realm to make our learnings here worth something.

  5. Jack this one really helped and resonated with me in many ways. So have many of your other podcasts for this soul with one foot in “stage 3 and stage 4”. Thank you

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