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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 15: Thou Shalt Not Be Clueless

Jack Naneek discusses the metaphors of life, and distinguishes them from life itself.  A new commandments is given, and the blessings and penalties of this commandment are discussed.  In the end, we advanced understanding. Maybe. Or maybe we’re just all clueless!


4 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 15: Thou Shalt Not Be Clueless”

  1. Great podcast, ramble on!! Why cut off at 30 min mark.

    I kid of course. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and consideration goes in to your productions.

    Sorry for being tactfully clueless, perhaps it’s sometimes better not to be aware.

    1. You have done an amazing job of covering a long held observation of most mortals doing life. My awareness started 25 years ago after attending a self- awareness workshop that lasted 3 days followed by 2 other workshops covering a 2 month period. My old world crashed and my paradigm shifted. It’s a life long opportunity we all have to be self observant and open to new discourse and positive change. Thanks for making this subject so easy to embrace! I am sharing your podcast with others I believe will benefit and/or appreciate. Namaste!

  2. Clueless drives you crazy when those who are “so sure” are the ones with the massive blind spots…AND THEY ARE IN AUTHORITY!

    I worked at the COB for over 5 years, and you would be blown away how many people threw their weight around because “they had prayed about it”…

    It was most aggravating.

    I get your friends position with the SP being called.

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