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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 016: Maybe You Are Celestial Material

Jack Naneek discusses three visitors to his home ward.  A disappointment from an earlier period of his life is examined.  Paul’s epistle to the Romans is considered, along with its implications regarding the law and general worthiness.  In the end, maybe we are Celestial Kingdom material after all!


5 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 016: Maybe You Are Celestial Material”

  1. Dear Jack Naneek,

    (Que the ‘Twilight Zone’ theme music) This is getting to be just plain uncanny, but each new podcast which you present to your listeners has something that connects with my current experience. I am kinda taken aback by your timely offerings. I have just discovered some videos about ‘the impossible gospel of Mormonism’ on Youtube. Those videos have caused me to be introspective about grace and the LDS view of the gospel (the ‘good news’). So here I am listening to your podcast on grace and how we LDS have been taught that we have to earn it (grace), but Paul says that it is a free gift which God gave us because He loves us so very much. We LDS seem to have contrary teachings of any blessing comes from obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

    So thank you for giving more thought on this subject. And thank you for recommending the book on grace. As a lifelong LDS it is amazing to me that I am just now starting to understand the beautiful principle of grace.

    Again, thank you for connecting your podcast with my current searching for answers. Kind of spooky in a wonderful way.


  2. I knew this was going to be good just by the title. It reminded me of Brad Wilcox reference among other things. Had to remind someone the other day that it’s not good to tell people that God sends natural disasters to help them repent, but the analogies in here are great.

    I would like to know how was it that you didn’t grow resentful towards The Church or how is it that you still cherish it despite the obvious imperfections… I mean the church was supposed to be the one and only true (perfect) church. Now that I feel awakened to that fact it seems like I only begin to realize that there are lot of people that think that way too and we’re just waiting for when I would come to that realization…. some were beginning to think that it would never happen.

    The real question then becomes now what… and why should I continue to bother or care. If God is going to love me anyway why not go out of my way and have a lot of fun. Why should I be loving and care and support my family? Why not call it quits and find someone more like minded and forgiving? Why make an effort at all to be celestial if I’m already am or going to be Celestial anyways.

    Perhaps you can address the opposite end of the spectrum where we can use and abuse God’s grace.

    1. Dear David,
      My suspicion is that, even if
      –it is true that you are forever safe in the hands of God;
      –and you really can choose to “have fun” at the expense of others;
      –and this without jeopardizing your own safety in the hands of God;
      it is nevertheless also true that
      –each choice either embraces the will of God (which is love);
      –or turns away from/rejects the love God.

      That is, I suspect that when our wills are not aligned with the will of God, we will eventually find ourselves empty and lost. Not before some intoxicating egoic thrills, perhaps; but these not only wear off, but eventually become meaningless.

      In yet other words, we don’t really have free will. We are driven toward life and happiness. Egoic desires, though shiny & bright, lead us away from life and happiness. They lead us to an empty, meaningless state. Having arrived in such a state of despair, we resolve once again to align our wills with the will of God.

      Hm. Your question is seven years old. I guess you will have figured this out, by now.

  3. Jack,
    I have listened to a number of your podcasts including this one, #16, and you make many good points and I share many of your perspectives.

    However, your tone and manner of speaking seems to consistently exude bitterness and sarcasm. Not only does it appear in your word choice, but most clearly manifests in your tone and manner of delivery. It is consistent and quite unappealing and, for me dilutes your message adding bitterness and a feeling of contempt to valid point of critique you offer. It causes me to have difficulty seeing your podcasts as unbiased and dispite interesting material, I find you difficult to tolerate listening to.

    I ask you consider your tone.

  4. Thanks for your comment. Sorry you can’t get past the tone of it–I know the feeling! Having said that, in my neck of the woods, it would qualify as pretty passive. And, of course it is biased, as most opinions are! I hope you’ll find something interesting here, but certainly get it if it doesn’t appeal to you.

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