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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 62: Who’s Neville?

Jack discusses Neville Goddard and Paul’s letter to the Hebrews.


1 thought on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 62: Who’s Neville?”

  1. About Neville’s Reversibility of Causality Idea:

    Anyone who’s ever messed up a sure thing be acting desperate knows that manifestation is true. It’s the hidden theme of most well-written plays that one’s character is one’s fate.

    It’s also interesting that in the film ‘Tenet’ the protagonist has to trigger certain objects whose entropy has been reversed by approaching causality backwards.

    Which makes me think of ‘The Last Question’ from Isaac Asimov.

    Anyway, just rambling. Great podcast. I’m a Neville fan. Former LDS.

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