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Cognitive Dissidents: 010: Tattle Tellers, Narcs, and Snitches

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Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast, We explore the Institutional mechanism of “Tattle Telling”.  We explore both the Formal mechanisms as well as the informal.  How High Demand Fundamentalist Religions incorporate ideas such as the internet being bad, that questions are good but doubts are bad, and how cultures of reporting people for discrediting the religious narrative are implemented. As usual we use Mormonism as the main example but also tough on Jehovah’s witness and Scientology as well.  In this episode we speak at length about FairMormon an organization that claims to answer the critics questions but in reality has acknowledged its main goal is to protect and defend the Mormon Church.  We show how its own Board member, John Lynch, admits that it is willing to collect and share information with the LDS Church, info that it has unique access to.


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