Mormon History Podcast: 004: Being SIC (Spiritually in Crisis) and Angry

How to handle being Angry and SIC (Spiritually in Crisis). Today we talk about what that means and if there is anything we can do? This episode is for those who just hit what is referred to “The dark night of the soul”.


2 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 004: Being SIC (Spiritually in Crisis) and Angry

  1. That was really good and needed. No need to apologize for not being history. You tied it in with history just fine, as often being the root of the anger/fear. Lies create agnostics and atheists. Truth and openness creates truth/Christ seekers. Every true church in the BoM fell for the same reasons, the nature of men to take over and distort, tax and bully for God (the other brother’s plan).

    • Tom, Thanks for your comment! That is why the saying goes “Truth shall set you free”. My next episode which I am wrapping up, I discuss Truth.

      Another quote I like is “Excuses are worse than lies because they are just lies guarded.”

      It’s always easier to keep the story straight when you are telling the truth and not having to keep up a lie.


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