Mormon History Podcast: 012: Choices

We all exist because of choices that are made. Do we keep people from existing because of choices that we have made?


4 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 012: Choices

  1. Glad to have you back.
    I too was present during ward council when they read the Nov. 5th policy and the bishop asked if they had any comments.

    I said what was wrong with the previous policy? I expressed some discontent but didn’t oppose it in it’s entirety.
    RS president mentioned well the Prophet will never lead us astray. *Sigh* I wish I had opposed, but it’s not like there was ever a sustaining vote.

  2. You’re a brave men standing up against the Nov 2015 policy in ward council. It’s dangerous to stand for Jesus when it is commanded to stand against Him.

  3. Upon hearing the Nov 2015 gay excommunication and child shunning policy I did post a Jesus meme on my facebook page that said something like, “Let the little children come unto me, unless their parents are gay.” Some zealot (Latter-day Pharisee) reported me to facebook for it being offensive. The only thing more offensive than lies is truth. The lies of Pharisees coming from the mouth of Jesus in a meme is the ultimate offensiveness to those pharisees. Another time I posted a Jesus meme where He was so glad a deceased person never drank coffee. Booted from an LDS anti-vaccine group for that uber-offensive truth too. But not before some were so offended that they left the group. The Emperor’s new clothes are just a bit too holy to expose?

    • Note: poison vaccines, poison “medicines” and poison “foods” (perverted, refined or synthesized wholesome foods and herbs) are a Word of Wisdom issue (avoid all food and drug products of Gadiantons – “Thus saith the Lord” – D&C 89:4,10,11).
      (Jesus is only concerned that we “religiously” kept the perverted, refined 4-don’ts of men instead of His own wholesome words of warning and advice on all of His own wholesome medicines and foods?)
      Yes, pretty offensive to zealots/fanatics who don’t want any of it to be by wisdom or choice – verse 2.

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