Skyler has always had a love for Mormon History. He spends hours researching, reading stories, events, journals and Newspapers. He hopes to podcast for many years and share interesting stories. Thanks for listening!





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  1. I remember you mentioning your email address on a podcast and now I can’t find it. I’d like to share with you some of my Mormon History projects.

  2. Last episode is May 14 – just as it gets into actual “Mormon” history ! is this dead now ?

  3. Dear Skyler, I just listened to your podcast on spirituality vs religion, and I felt a sincerity in your discussion that has helped me reach out for the first time: I am a 70 year old grandmother suffering through a lonely crises. Since you do Mormon research I would like you to help me understand how Richard Bushman can still find Joseph Smith a pious inspired fraud, and compare that with Grant Palmer who absolutely accuses Joseph as being a egotistical tyrant with a filthy dirty passion for young girls. Is there good evidence that is truthful? How do I know what is real fact or fantasy? I’m beginning to feel that there is no truth. Help me if you can.