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Marriage on a Tightrope: 004: Love

When one spouse experiences a crisis of faith, it is easy to feel that their feelings for their spouse are in crisis as well.  Kattie and Allan discuss how they are strengthening their love for one another and are not allowing Allan’s faith crisis dictate how they feel towards one another.


6 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 004: Love”

  1. Wow, that’s an amazing story, fun to hear, glad you guys have a good thing going. In future episodes, I would like to hear more about the day to day religious observance and interaction with ward members, family and friends. Has Allan told family about his current position? Was that hard? How have people in the ward reacted? Do you still check all the boxes (i.e. WOW, garments, not buying things on Sunday, etc.)? Do you feel OK having a temple recommend, going to weddings, etc.? Not trying to get all up in your business, just curious how you guys have handled these things and what you’d be willing to share. Keep up the great work!

  2. Felix….by all means, get up in our business! Those are all topics we are going to touch on. We’re being careful not to talk about certain reactions/interactions with our family, ecclesiastical leaders, neighbors, etc. We don’t want to “out” anyone on our show. So when we have an episode about talking with family (which we have…both my side and Kattie’s side) we’ll have to stop short of being too specific. It will likely be a conversation about what we’ve learned works well vs. mistakes we’ve made when having those conversations.

    I’ll be more than open to talk about my personal choices (garments, WOW, temple, sabbath day, etc.) We feel there are some high level topics we needed to take care of, before going to those topics…we’re just about there though! =)

    Thank you for the comment and support!

  3. Love the love language that goes way beyond a commitment to a church. As an older mom with adult children who have resigned from the church, I know full well that love trumps church commitment. We show our faith more by the way we love than by our faith in a church.

    1. Allie,

      Thanks so much for those comments =) What you just said reminded me of one of my favorite lyrics from Les Miserables: “To love another person is to see the face of God”.

  4. Well, I never thought I’d be crying while listening to a podcast! I came across you guys while looking for something else. Listened to #4 first not really knowing what I had found. I have since listened to number 1 and can’t wait to listen to 2 and 3. I applaud what you are doing here! I related to everything said, seeing my own story in yours and maybe for the first time have some real hope. Thank you. Thank you for being honest and open. Thank you for your humor and laughter as well as tears. I look forward to hearing about your journey in a hopeful way so that I too can share in that hope in my own situation. Keep the episodes coming because I have a lot of questions!! 😉

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