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Marriage on a Tightrope: 050: Dr. Julie De Azevedo Hanks on Communicating with Family

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Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks joins Kattie and Allan for the first of two episodes.  On this episode, she talks about communicating with family.  What is the best way to tell your family that you or your spouse no longer believes?  How much detail should you give?

For more information, check out these two articles that Julie wrote on this very topic:

Left the Church? 25 Things NOT to Say to a Believing Loved One (& what to say instead)

25 Things NOT to Say to Loved One Leaving the LDS Church (& what TO say instead)

We also mentioned two of Julie’s great books!

The Assertiveness Guide for Women

The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Women


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