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Marriage on a Tightrope: 073: Word of Wisdom (Part 1)

In this first of three episodes on the Word of Wisdom, Allan and Kattie are joined by Bret & Rachel Cooper, Ryan & Jessica Magnusson, and Astrid & Aaron Holland.  We explore how each of these four couples have handled the Word of Wisdom in their mixed faith marriage.

Part 2 will be an in depth look into how Allan and Kattie’s experience with the Word of Wisdom

Part 3 Allan and Kattie will be joined by therapist James to round out our discussion from a clinical perspective.


The second Workshop on a Tightrope is now open for pre-registration!  Go to and search for Workshop on a Tightrope to hold your spot for our July/August workshop with Natasha Helfer Parker.


1 thought on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 073: Word of Wisdom (Part 1)”

  1. As a second-generation LDS w/ a history of alcoholism on both sides of the family tree before my parents joined the church as teens, I don’t know that I could ever dare flirt w/ alcohol for the first time after seeing what it did to my parents’ families – faith crisis or not. The lady guest on your show who took a drink as an adult after her bout w/ teen alcohol abuse is pretty daring. If my children ever decided to take it up, I’d for sure let them know that their great-grandpa died in a relative’s home having lost everything he had to alcoholism while their other grandpa died on a ventilator after driving drunk into oncoming traffic going down the wrong freeway ramp. No thanks…

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