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Marriage on a Tightrope: 073: Word of Wisdom (Part 1)

In this first of three episodes on the Word of Wisdom, Allan and Kattie are joined by Bret & Rachel Cooper, Ryan & Jessica Magnusson, and Astrid & Aaron Holland.  We explore how each of these four couples have handled the Word of Wisdom in their mixed faith marriage.

Part 2 will be an in depth look into how Allan and Kattie’s experience with the Word of Wisdom

Part 3 Allan and Kattie will be joined by therapist James to round out our discussion from a clinical perspective.


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2 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 073: Word of Wisdom (Part 1)”

  1. As a second-generation LDS w/ a history of alcoholism on both sides of the family tree before my parents joined the church as teens, I don’t know that I could ever dare flirt w/ alcohol for the first time after seeing what it did to my parents’ families – faith crisis or not. The lady guest on your show who took a drink as an adult after her bout w/ teen alcohol abuse is pretty daring. If my children ever decided to take it up, I’d for sure let them know that their great-grandpa died in a relative’s home having lost everything he had to alcoholism while their other grandpa died on a ventilator after driving drunk into oncoming traffic going down the wrong freeway ramp. No thanks…

  2. As a non believer I came here seeing how others confront this. I eventually took this approach:
    Doctor: Alec your son is what 18? How is he doing?
    Me. He is great, socially, mentally, physically. He seems to be doing fine.
    Dr. Great, he is at the age where we talk about a medication we have to offer, but would first like to give all of the Pros and Cons
    Me. Sweet, let’s hear about it.
    Dr. Well, let me give you the cons first.
    1. He could become physically addicted to it. Small chance, but it is still there. Let’s say 10% chance. Breaking that physical addiction could be the greatest and most painful challenge he could ever face. Again not likely but if it gets there it damages him and all those around him.
    2. There is a greater chance he could become reliant on it in certain circumstances. Not physically addicted, but heavily reliant on it. Again maybe not, but the chances are more like 30 – 50%
    3. It enhances his chances for:
    a. Cancer
    b. Diabetes
    c. Heart Disease
    e. Liver Disease
    f. Depression
    g. Weight gain
    h. Poor sleep
    i. An unpredictable way of how the medication will affect him. I say this here, because it could have other detrimental effects that we don’t know until he takes it.
    j. Other physical ailments.
    Again, the chances are not great, and it may not lead to those things, but the chances for getting those things goes up.
    Me. Those things don’t sound great. I am curious as to why I would encourage him to take this medication, so let’s here the pros
    Dr. So the Pros
    1. It could relax him
    2. It could help him in social situations
    3. It would most likely give him a buzz
    4. It could give him a sense of euphoria
    5. Other Pros that I am unaware of
    Me. Most of those pros he can figure out and do on his own.

    You can probably figure out what I decided. Also why would I go that route when drinking is declining because people are finding out how bad it is and millions are trying to get off of it.
    My simple thoughts.

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