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Marriage on a Tightrope: 102: Kattie’s Kansas Experience

Kattie gives an account of her experience traveling to Kansas to be a witness in the Membership Court of her dear friend Natasha Helfer.


5 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 102: Kattie’s Kansas Experience”

  1. Im flustered writing this so sorry but Katie you deserve so much better! If these men only knew the overwhelming darkness they are conveying to those of us who had any clue is what is going on they won’t be surprised when we leave for good. I’ve felt for a while their spirit doesn’t match the spirit in the Saviors words. Read the Bible and follow his gospel not the man made gospel that has consistently been changing over the years.

  2. Your unheard message was beautiful. I cannot imagine your feelings of betrayal and disappointment. You are a good friend and a beautiful human. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  3. Message from non-believing spouse to Allan. (This comment may be offensive to the believing spouse)

    There is a conversation that needs to be had related to the event with Natasha and the repeated harmful actions of these church. How long should I expect my wife to continue to participate in the church in spite of its actions?

    Please can you do a podcast on how you manage to not lose patience with your wife after the church repeatedly shows it’s true colors. I am looking for some approaches.

  4. Thank you for reading your prepared statement and relating your experiences in Derby. It was important for me to hear… and I absolutely agree with your decision to talk with your Stake President and Bishop about this. We members of the Church, do need to be heard and have the opportunity to disagree and dissent. It is not comfortable to do so. I will become a podcast listener in the future…

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