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Marriage on a Tightrope: 106: What Happens When Kattie Agrees With Allan?

In this episode, Kattie and Allan explore the topic of when spouses agree on certain church related topics.  It may not be as straightforward as it seems.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 106: What Happens When Kattie Agrees With Allan?”

  1. Initially I was very sorry and apologetic that i was having a faith crisis and that i was no longer the believer that my wife married. I no longer feel that way. The conclusions I have come to are valid.

    I dont find the mixed faith communities on line very welcoming. They strongly cater to the believing spouse.

    This experience had been very bad on my marriage. Currently we in a stage of sevier stonewalling. We can go weeks without speaking to each other. I would love to improve the situation, but I get all of the blame/credit for these situation.

  2. Kattie, I mean this with the compassion that a dear friend holding both of your hands would offer— if you are so emotionally distraught and being silenced/threatened, are you open to considering that you truly are in a cult? The Mormon church was my everything for almost 30 years, so I “get it.” It was just so hard listening to your pain of being silenced over something so important to you.

    The Bible says not to trust your feelings in order to find truth. I know Mormonism uses feelings to determine truth but that’s not what validates truth. The heart is easily deceived… so easily deceived. And I wish you PEACE above everything. In or out. I hope your heart finds the healing that it so appears to need.

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