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Marriage on a Tightrope: 129: Aubrey and Tim Chaves

Aubrey and Tim Chaves are the hosts of the Faith Matters podcast and part of its executive board. They grew up near Salt Lake City, Utah and went to both middle school and high school together. Tim served an LDS mission to Montevideo, Uruguay. He attended BYU for his undergraduate studies before earning an MBA from Harvard Business School, and is now an entrepreneur working in Utah County. Aubrey received a degree in Elementary Education from Utah State before teaching fourth grade; she now owns a cake decorating business. Tim and Aubrey are the parents of four children.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 129: Aubrey and Tim Chaves”

  1. You think six months is a short time? My wife and I got engaged 6 weeks after meeting for the first time. And we’re still married and very much in love nearly 27 years later.

  2. First of all, thank you both so much for the incredible work you’re doing. You are a lifeline to so many!

    I’m struck by Allan’s comment that someone should say the words that “some people do not want to belong anymore, and that’s OK”. It reminds me of years ago listening to an old Mormon Expression podcast where John Larson was interviewing with Richard Packham, a man who left the church back in the late 50’s after deconstructing his faith. John asked Richard what advice he had for members of the church. His response was “just remember that not everyone wants to be saved”. It struck me as very profound thought I had not considered before. So thanks Allan for bringing up that sentiment again, I think it’s important for to remember on both sides of the faith divide, because ultimately, to me, that is the crux of the issue. After the arduous and painful path of deconstruction, at the end of the day do you still want to belong, or not? if yes, then you can (and probably will) find a way to ‘make it work’. If not, then nothing can compel you to stay.

    Love you guys and please take care.

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