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***Relocation Update*** for MOAT and Allan and Kattie’s Content!

Although “Marriage On A Tightrope” content is still hosted here, Allan and Kattie and new content are now independently operating and being hosted outside the Mormon Discussion Inc. umbrella.

For their latest updates and valuable resources on mixed-faith marriages, we recommend connecting with them at the following locations:

They continue to be exceptional sources for support in mixed-faith relationships, and we encourage you to explore their incredible content.

1 thought on “***Relocation Update*** for MOAT and Allan and Kattie’s Content!”

  1. I did not know where else to comment. I like your podcast, and would encourage you to consider the following. I am not super active and have been confronted with what choices I make going forward. A choice I have chosen to keep is no alcohol. I heard your content on this. My decision came down to whether an addictive poison was worth the risk to myself and my family and the example I was setting for my children. If it was offered to my children as a medication with all the known negatives versus the perceived positives there is no way I would have them take it. The knowledge is flooding in. Huebermans podcast alone has made people stop or strongly reconsider. And his podcast is just a small sampling. Are the positives that great. To relax, loosen up, and fit in. We can all learn to do that without the alcohol. Please consider. Thanks for what you do.

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