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Rainbow Mormon: 005: My Conversion Therapy Story Part 1

In today’s episode I begin to share my experience with conversion therapy and why myself and others found ourselves involved in these practices. If you have questions about this type of therapy or about my experience, please send me a message and I will try to answer your questions.


As I mentioned in the episode, I am doing some research on the suicide epidemic in Utah.  Utah has a significant youth suicide problem especially among LGBTQ youth. If you haven’t already, please take this survey. I need as many people as possible even those not from Utah, please share this and please spread this. I have had 700 responses but I would like to get 1000. I am needing anybody but if you fit into any or all of the following I need your input even more. Male, heterosexual, not raised Mormon, not from Utah. If you don’t fit those categories please still take the survey and share it with as many people as possible. Thanks!


Episode Thumbnail Photo by Modern Affliction on Unsplash



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