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Rainbow Mormon: 009: Fairness For All?

The LDS Church has recently expressed a lack of support for the Equality Act of 2019 that is currently being looked at in congress. Today I take a look at the Mormon newsroom statement abut the Equality Act and share some of my thoughts and concerns with the Church’s stance.


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Mormon: 009: Fairness For All?”

  1. Hi Danny,

    I am a straight, middle aged man and I really appreciate your podcast. Thank you for sharing your story and helping me understand another perspective. I was disappointed to hear that you receive a lot of negative comments. I guess it’s when we have an opposing viewpoint that we tend to speak up.

    I agree with you regarding this legislation and the church’s dilly opposition to it. It’s embarrassing!

    But I do have one other view to express… You mentioned gay BYU students not being able to express themselves sexually the way they want/need in sincere relationships. Well, how is that any different for single, straight people? I too had to remain celibate for my studies at BYU and for many years beyond! I’m not a big fan of the honor code policing and crackdown, but if you want to attend BYU (or work for any employer) you have to agree to abide by the rules. If you don’t want to, go elsewhere.

    1. Jarad,
      I’m glad you asked for a clarification. I agree that if you attend BYU you agree to certain things and that should be treated equally for both straight and gay students. Its different in that a straight person is allowed to date, to hold hands to kiss, to cuddle up and watch a movie, they are allowed to get married and have sexually relations with their spouse. This is not an option for gay students. They have to suppress all of that and have no healthy outlet for that. They are not allowed to express healthy physical connection even with a spouse without repercussions. Because of this many turn to the only place they can discreetly have this which is anonymous online hookups. Its not what most really want but its what they can get without getting thrown out of school.

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