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The Rainbow Mormon Podcast has come out of my experience of a gay man growing up in the LDS Church and my work as a counselor working with hundreds of gay LDS clients and seeing the difficulties that these people face in trying to be honest with who they are while trying to live a belief system, that is very important to them, but conflicts with who they feel they are.  The hope with this podcast is to hopefully bring about deeper understanding about the experience of gay members of the Church, and past members of the church.  It is also the hope to provide resources in being more loving and compassionate to these people.

My Name is Danny Caldwell, I am the host of Rainbow Mormon Podcast but I am also a Mental Health Counselor in Orem, Utah.  I specialize in working with those struggling with a conflict between faith and sexuality and those going through faith crises and faith transitions. I am a former member of the LDS Church but I respect the belief systems of all those I work with even if I do not share those same beliefs.  I am the father of 3 amazing boys and live happily in Utah with my partner Ty.  I enjoy the outdoors and love most outdoor recreation.  I love seeing musical theatre, and play the bagpipes and a little guitar.

2 thoughts on “About Rainbow Mormon Podcast”

  1. I’m thinking about your upcoming (in September) baptism dilemma, Danny. Suffice it to say, and your heart-rending concerns notwithstanding, I’m afraid that if you forbid your son to be baptized this will only promote, in him, a “forbidden fruit” rebellion which, in turn, could have the direct result of drawing him ever closer to the church (comparable to, say, parents forbidding their teen from pursuing a love interest which, invariably, tends to only draw the two love birds closer still). IMHO, HIS conclusions, wherever they lead, must be on his terms, and on his timetable, thus preserving — perhaps for the first time ever — that much-touted principle of Mormon agency.

    1. Laura,
      Thank you for your thoughts. I have been leaning in that direction for that same reason. I don’t want my son to resent me. I think you are right that it could push him in the opposite direction.

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