Wear Your Cross To Church: August 16th



In the Church there are exist cultural rules and teachings that have no basis in real truth, theology, or Doctrine.  One of these is negative feeling of the symbol of the Cross.  While Mormons in early Church history wore and celebrated the cross, somewhere something changed.  Leaders along the way removed the symbol of the cross as a way to distance us from other faiths.  Today we realize this is a cultural taboo and lacks any real Doctrinal or theological backing.  Even the Church realizes this as the new LDS temple in Rome is supposed to have a Cross on its front door based on the blueprints.

So in order to help us all begin opening up to new discussion of truth and letting go of bad assumptions and helping our wards and stake focus more on Christ and his atonement we are announcing a “Wear Your Cross to Church” day on Sunday August 16th.  You can hear my interview with Michael Reed by clicking it in the links.  You also can order your own cross in the links below.  If you are unable to find a Cross Mormon Discussion and its sponsor Family Pawn will send you a free Cross lapel.  Just send me a self addressed envelope to

Mormon Discussion Podcast

1975 Dove Dr.

Santa Clara, Utah 84765

If any of you want to help fund the costs of this event please donate here


Aug16thCross – PDF Flyer that can be emailed to friends or shared on Facebook

Michael Reed Interview

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