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Mentors & Support Groups

Support Group

We are beginning a new initiative where we will provide a list of individuals who are comfortable having you contact and seek out their guidance on how to navigate your faith transition while “Leading with Faith”.  Our hope is they can provide the empathy you need while also providing a faithful outlook with positive ways to engage the Church and remain faithful.  This is a fine line.  It is not easy to both deal with the difficult issues and also maintain and even strengthen one’s faith.  The individuals marked with an asterisk are vetted (I personally know them and am extremely confident in their ability to keep the mission of this effort.

(If you wish to be on this list email me at – reelmormon AT gmail dot com  If you have enough people to start a support group let us know.  We want to help ensure that the group stays on a positive note generally and “leads with faith” and we have some ideas to help )


Network of people willing to help you in your faith transition



– Jon-Michael DeShazer – jmdeshazer AT gmail DOT com




– Jonathan Cannon – theyogre AT gmail Dot com




– *Brittney Hartley – brittneylhartley  AT Gmail Dot Com

– *Jon Young – AT Gmail Dot Com




Mike Berkey – [email protected]




– * Clay Bloxham – cblox7 AT gmail DOT com




– * David Kitchen – At gmail Dot com




– *Chris Reeve – plato0_4 AT yahoo DOT com




– * Brian Whitney –  bwmwhitney AT Gmail Dot Com

La Verkin

– * Greg Perdue – gregory.perdue AT Gmail Dot Com


– * Jon Westover – jon.westover  AT Gmail Dot Com

St. George

– * Bill Reel – ReelMormon AT Gmail DOT Com – 435  229 7153 (email is best for first contact)

– *Nancy Phippen Browne – nancypb52 AT Gmail Dot Com

Spanish Fork

–  * Brian Hauglid – hauglid AT gmail DOT com


– * Ryan Boothe – bootheryan AT Hotmail Dot Com




– * Seth Payne – sethpayne AT Gmail DOT COM



Calgary Alberta

Steve Kennett – steve.kennett99  AT gmail DOT com

Toronto Ontario

David Mackay – davidomackay AT gmail DOT com

5 thoughts on “Mentors & Support Groups”

  1. Hello I have struggled with my faith crises for 4 years. I tried to leave the church this past November to February but became so lost and full of anxiety that I had to come back and get my recommend and start wearing my garments again and go to church. I can’t live without the church so I feel there must be a power in the gospel of Jesus Christ or I just can’t cope without what’s been ingrained in me from birth. I don’t like feeling like I have to be Mormon because without it I don’t function well. I don’t want to feel hypocritical like I do when at church. I would like to be a middle way Mormon. But feel so alone and it’s so hard to sort things out and find the peace I so desire! I have seven children and want to teach them goodness and truth. Please direct me to someone that could help me. Thank you!!

  2. I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “acknowledgement”. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website’s credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr

  3. Today is Fast Sunday. My wife and I aren’t excited to suffer through so many brainwashed testimonies claiming unsubstantiated knowledge . As a child I took certain things on faith. Yet Christ warned of false prophets in which their corrupted vision of sensuality leads away from truth. We’re looking for the real infinite and eternal destiny of man.

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