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Thank You For Registering as a Free Member!

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Thank you so much for becoming a [wlm_memberlevel].

Registering will allow us to communicate with you about changes to the site.  As a registered member you can also customize the way the site looks, change your password, and additional information, by updating your Profile.

The base Free Registration allows you to continue to access all the Free Content on the site (which is most of the content). It does not though, allow you to access the Premium Content (episodes are initially released to premium subscribers and then at some point released to the general public).

If you enjoy the free content on the site and would like to access the Premium Content before it is published to the general public, you can so for as little as $1.50 a month or $12 a year. You can subscribe at any point in the future by clicking Subscribe in the top menu on the main page.

May the Lord warm your shoulders.


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