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Thank You For Registering as a Premium Member!

[wlm_firstname] [wlm_lastname],

Thank you so much for becoming a [wlm_memberlevel].

You can now access all the content on the site as well as on your Podcast RSS feed on your computer or mobile device (see instructions below).

You should receive an e-mail from the site with your login credentials.  If you do not receive the e-mail I ask that you check your spam folder and allow e-mails from the site to come into your inbox.

May the Lord warm your shoulders.

– Bill

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You now have a personal episode feed URL. You can access you custom URL on your Profile Page here [wlm_profileurl]. Scroll an look for WishList Member Feed URL and the URL following is your URL.

This URL is directly linked to your mormondiscussionpodcast account. We ask that you do not share this URL with others beyond your immediate family.

Below are instructions on how you can add this URL to your favorite podcasting app. This allows you to listen to the new podcast feed containing all the premium and free episodes as soon as they are released. You can, of course, continue using the website as you have previously done.

This is not an all inclusive list of possible podcast listening apps, but the instructions for your app should be somewhat similar to the examples below.

Please note: there are some apps that do not allow for custom URLs. If you find your app does not allow for custom URLs, we hope one of the apps listed below might fit your needs.

If your application is not listed below and you are unable to determine where to paste the URL, please contact my web admin and he will do all he can to help you.

Web admin – Trace Rogers
[email protected]

*** Generally for all applications ***

1. Select the entire URL from above (only include the http: to the end of the private code at the end)

2. Copy the URL depending on the device
OSx -> Command-C -or- right-click copy
Windows -> Ctrl-C -or- right-click copy
Android -> tap Copy
iOS -> tap Copy

3. Depending on application (see below) open the URL entry box.

4. Paste in the URL into the box
OSx -> Command-V -or- right-click paste
Windows -> Ctrl-V -or- right-click paste
Android -> tap Paste
iOS -> tap Paste


Computer – iTunes

Click on File Menu
-> Subscribe to Podcast
-> Paste URL into entry box
-> Click OK

iOS apps (I assume the functionality would be similar for Android)

Podcasts App (iTunes)

Tap on My Podcasts
-> Tap + in upper left corner
-> Tap Add Podcast
-> Tap into entry box
-> Tap Paste (to paste URL)
-> Tap Subscribe

Overcast App

Tap + in upper right corner
-> Tap Add URL in upper right corner
-> Tap into Entry Box
-> Tap Paste (to paste URL)
-> Tap Done in bottom right corner

Downcast App

Tap + Add from bottom center of screen
-> Tap Add Podcast Manually
-> Tap into http://
-> Tap Paste (to paste URL)
-> Tap Subscribe in upper right corner

RSS Radio App

Tap + in upper right corner
-> Tap More… in upper right corner
-> Tap Enter the URL Manually
-> Tap X (to clear out http://)
-> Tap again into entry box
-> Tap Paste (to paste URL)
-> Tap Go in bottom right corner


Tap Add in upper right corner
-> Tap Add by Feed URL
-> Tap into entry box
-> Tap Paste (to paste URL)
-> Tab Subscribe.